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Made in Canada parts. All prices in CAD $. Crash bars and luggage racks for dual- sport and adventure motorcycles.

BMW F650gs g650gs sertao single cyclinder,pannier racks

BMW F650gs g650gs sertao single cyclinder,pannier racks


BMW F650gs g650gs sertao single cyclinder,pannier racks,Made by DirtRacks
Multiple-use rack 
1. Mount hard cases like aluminium panniers,pelican cases,ammo cans
2. Use it with any soft luggage,wolfman, nelson riggs, and similar,Mosko moto mounting plates can be drilled and installed.
3. Mount rotopax gas cans on both sides.
Powder coated finish black hammertone.
Comes with hardware to install any hard case like tusk panniers or pelican type cases
Remove the passenger footpegs and the side plastic panels.
Hold one side in place and install the 25mm bolt on the top and install the 90mm bolt at the footpeg, don't forget to reinstall the footpeg.Keep the bolts loose, don't tighten them.
Install the long bolt from the bottom up otherwise it will not fit.
Do the other side the same way.
Install the rear crossbar with the 25mm bolts, don't forget the 2 bolts up top to the frame.
Reinstall the side plastics.

How to install the cases on the racks

install the racks on the bike and hold up the cases to the rack. mark the location with a sharpie

remove the racks from the bike

place the racks on the back of the  cases, make sure they are symmetrical

place the mounting brackets in place 2 at the bottom and 1 up in the middle

drill the holes for the brackets, bolt on the brackets

drill 2 more holes thru the 2 welded nuts, make sure that you do not damage the threads

remove the rack from the case and drill these 2 holes again with a bigger drill, about 3/8

make sure the m8x25mm knobs fit thru

install the rack on the bike and hang the cases on the rack

install the knobs from the inside of the case, hand tighten only to secure the case to the rack use a washer